Data Recovery

Lost your pictures?
Can’t find your MP3 files?
Fire, Flood or Other Catastrophes?
Need Data Recovery?
We can perform data recovery from many types of media or situation including:

Crashed Hard Drive Recovery
Accidental Deletion Recovery
Accidental Formatting Recovery
Failed RAID Server Recovery
Failed External Storage Device Recovery
Flash Drive & Camera Card Recovery
CD & DVD Recovery

Hard drive failure is very common. It can occur just by sitting on your desk or as a direct result from abuse. Regardless of how a drive might fail, the good news is that most of the time we can recovery the data. If you are experiencing problems with your PC please follow these instructions.

– Turn off the PC immediately
– Do not restart the PC
– Do not install or re-install any software
– Do not shake, disassemble or remove your drive
– Do not attempt to recovery data yourself
Bring your PC in ASAP. Our data recovery engineers will provide you with a FREE evaluation of your drive. After which, we’ll provide you with an exact quote for data recovery.

Common symptoms of a failing hard drive
– Blue Screen
– Clicking Noise
– OS Not Found Errors
– Completely Dead
– Inaccessible Errors
– Inaccessible Errors
– Virus Infection
– Flashing “?” icon
– Continually Restarts

When a PC drive is failing do not continue to use it. Immediately, shut off the computer and have a professional examine the drive. You often only have ONE chance to recover data