Service Contracts

Our contracts for small business are to provide efficient onsite computer repairs as well as smoothing out general operations for faster and more consistent workstations. The service plan contracts provide bi/weekly or weekly visits to your business to clean up problems and assure that preventative maintenance is done correctly and in a timely manner. Most companies that provide these services only show once a month and tack on extra fees out side of the contract for service calls.  With our minimum contract plan we provide up to 20 hours a month for only $400. This allows us to make service calls at no extra charge and allows a discounted rate for any repairs that need to be made on the computer itself. We understand the importance of maintaining a reliable system that doesn’t lag, freeze, or shutdown in the middle of a hectic day at the office. Keeping your system clean and organized will help prevent any of these occurrences and make working in your notebook or computer a breeze. We also offer training to show personnel how exactly to troubleshoot and clean systems up on a frequent basis.

Maintenance Contract – this Maintenance Service Plan is designed to provide hardware and software service and support for network and peripheral systems. This agreement includes regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits to monitor, maintain, and repair hardware and software issues that arise within the network infrastructure with the expressed purpose of preventing failures and minimizing “Down time”. Through frequent, system-wide diagnostics, we will identify and replace hardware components that are either failing or performing outside optimal parameters. We remove software clutter that accumulates in workstations that can often lead to instability and data contamination. We evaluate the operating system and peripheral applications running on each system to ensure necessary upgrades and updates are installed when appropriate. This type of Maintenance Agreement automatically includes the following.

  • Checking the Antivirus and Windows updates are up to date.
  • Running a scan for viruses, adware and Spyware.
  • Running a scandisk/defrag.
  • Cleaning out any temp folders, cookies, cache, recycling bin etc.
  • Clean out of air vents, fans, and heat sinks to prevent possible problems.

Management Contract – this Management Service Plan is designed to provide network management support. This agreement includes weekly or bi-weekly visits to actively manage your computer, network or peripheral systems. This will include verifying the regular back-up of critical data, changing back-up media, establishing access criteria, monitoring system security (including users and user passwords), scheduling back-up recovery drills, and verifying active virus protection. These appointments are normally scheduled on the same day and time each week to provide the necessary structure to manage the network effectively.  This service can be included in the maintenance contract at an additional rate.