Very Slow / Jerky Mouse on Vsphere 4.1 and Server 2008 R2

Vsphere 4.1 server 2008 r2 video driver WDDM

I recently installed (7) Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual machines on my Vsphere 4.1 cloud. All the new machines had a really slow mouse, almost felt like it was drifting thru some water. While everything else worked fine I just found this very annoying.
After some research I found the correct video driver.

It was located at:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VMware\Drivers\wddm_video

Steps to Update:

Control Panel > Display > Change Display Settings > Advanced Settings > Adapter Tab > Properties > Driver Tab > Update Driver > Browse my computer > go to the location and select the wddm_folder

I am sure there is a quicker way to get to this but that’s how I got there.

Reboot your PC and like magic your mouse should run smooth as butter.

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MyITCRM – Free and Opensource CRM Software

Starting out in the computer repair business, at that any business you must start out on the cheap. Applications that are needed to make your life easier come at a cost. When I first started I could keep track all my customers easily and was able to remember what I repaired on their PC. But now I cant keep track any more and especially warranty work.

I decided I needed an app to help me with this. I ran across this web based app called MyITCRM. Its a great app for computer repair businesses. I took a bit to get it configured but when done It was worth the effort. In the near future I gonna create a write-up on how I did it. But for now just wanted to give MyITCRM some props for making my life easier.

MyITCRM – Free and Opensource CRM Software

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Logon Startup Script

I was given the task to track when users log-on and log-off our domain. I found many paid apps but we wanted a free alternative if possible.We were able to track users in the event viewer but it was a mess with to many entries. After searching the net I found a great & simple write up. I tweaked it a bit so each user has its own folder and easier for me to keep track.

Step 1: Create the following two files using Notepad or your favorite text editor:

echo Log On User: %username% PC: %computername% Date: %date% Time: %time% >> \\server\sharedFolder\logOn_%username%.log

echo Log Off User: %username% PC: %computername% Date: %date% Time: %time% >> \\server\sharedFolder\logOn_%username%.log

Step 2: Update Group Policy to run the appropriate batch file. In Group Policy, go to:
User Configuration-> Windows Settings-> Scripts (Logon/Logoff)-> Attach the files

Step 3: Now when users log on and off, a txt file named LogOn_userName.log will be crated with entries that will look something like this:

Log On – User: ABC PC: CPU Date: Tues 12/27/2011 Time: 16:26:54:35
Log Off – User: ABC PC: CPU Date: Tues 12/27/2011 Time: 17:00:54:35

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Worlds biggest botnet Esthost taken down!

Ever been hit by a virus? Many people wonder how the bad guys make money off of viruses. Well Trend Micro Inc. and the FBI took down a massive botnet called Esthost who was also spitting out FakeAV to unsuspecting users. Besides FakeAV the real money was for this botnet was made by modifying DNS entries on infected computers.

“DNS-changing Trojans silently modify computer settings to use foreign DNS servers. These DNS servers are set up by malicious third parties and translate certain domains to malicious IP addresses. As a result, victims are redirected to possibly malicious websites without detection.” TrendMicro

This botnet consisted of over 4,000,0000 bots (computers).

To get an Idea on how this works, when somebody gets infected with a virus they become part of the botnet. The Command and Control part of the operation is where a server or servers control all the infected computers by sending then commands and updates.

“A variety of methods of monetizing the DNS Changer botnet is being used by criminals, including replacing advertisements on websites that are loaded by victims, hijacking of search results and pushing additional malware.” TrendMicro

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laptop screen replacement phoenix az

Picture of Cracked LCD Screens

Preview of a Broken LCD LED Screen

Is your LCD screen cracked, well here are Phoenix CPU we replace laptop screen on a daily baisis. We only use A++ screens which means no dead pixels on you new screen.

We offer a 120 Day warranty on new screens

We offer highly competitive prices, Get free qoute now

I can assure you that you will save money while not skimping on quality.

Phoenix CPU Repair

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The Revision Level is Unknown

Recently I cloned a hard drive on an HP thin client. After the clone the PC had a Random name starting with HPxxxxx. I tried to rename the machine but was given an error. “The Revision Level is Unknown”. Then I tried to remove the PC from the domain but got the same error. This issue stemmed from the member computer name is missing from the domain or when the computer account is absent

How did I get this fixed?

I had to delete a registry key. The Reg key contains the computer’s secret for its machine account. When this registry key is deleted Windows will create a new secret when you are re-associated to the Domain.

These are the steps I took while logged on to the administrator account:

  • Run Regedit
  • Modify HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SECURITY permissions to Full Control for the administrator,
  • Then refresh the tree drill down to Policy\Secrets and delete the $MACHINE.ACC key
  • Then reboot the PC
  • Join a Workgroup
  • Reboot the PC
  • Join the Domain
  • Reboot the machine

This procedure saved me from rebuilding windows from scratch and hopefully it help you.

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Do you Miss your Commodore

Been lurking around the net when I ran into this, Commodore is coming back. Now with Intel processors. These are not the Commodores that we grew up with. This is a full blown computer that can run your favorite OS. I will definitely be ordering one soon.

Here is the Link

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